Charcoal Grill

BBQ Food

The Scene

Charcoal Grill is a sit-down BBQ place and more that is bringing a new style of BBQ restaurants to San Antonio. We are located in Balcones Heights, right next to the Wonderland Mall. Charcoal Grill strives to keep their customers happy and satisfied with our delicious BBQ, sides, salads, seafood, and appetizers.

We spent a long time perfecting our recipes, making sure that we serve the freshest, juiciest and most delicious BBQ in San Antonio at a great price.

Our Vision

Grill Chicken

Our kitchen is open one hour before closing every night and our espresso bar features a wide variety of hot coffee, iced or frozen based beverages as well as 11 exotic black, green, and herbal tea blends; fruit smoothies and bubble teas are also available. Charcoal Grill is the complete experience where you will find good people of all ages. At Charcoal Grill we are as diverse as our flavors. As long as there is a need for company and friendship, as long as people want to stop and chat, there will be marginal cafés.